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Inner Oceans  - The water within; that from which we were born and makes up 70% of our physical body. That which hydrates, nourishes and keeps our life flowing.

Julie Strassburger, lymphedema & massage  therapist, touches your 'inner oceans'  in her bodywork, whether she is contacting the water within your muscles, internal organs or lymphatic vessels.

This fluidity is apparent in her medical massage, fascial release work, visceral, cranial and energy techniques.  Her work has been called 'transformative' and 'like the hands of an angel'.

She specializes in manual lymph drainage therapy, a gentle rhythmic therapy that helps decrease congestion, swelling and puffiness, balance hormones, and improve healing after trauma, surgery or illness.  It calms the nervous system and soothes the emotions. Your body 'rides the waves of its inner oceans' to improve health and restore function.

Julie is certified in Complex Decongestive Therapy for the treatment of lymphedema, a chronic condition of swelling and pain, most common after traditional cancer treatments.

Julie Strassburger,  NM LMT#0006,  LLCC, CLT

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